3D Wave Design Named in 2024 Canada’s Clean50 Top Projects

Samqwane’jk would like to congratulate our very own Barry Stevens and the 3D Wave Design team for being awarded in 2024 Canada’s Clean50 Top Projects.

SS&DI/3D Wave’s proprietary 3D Climate Change modelling is a unique, innovative, and Indigenous-designed technology that incorporates Two-eyed Seeing and combines Western science, traditional knowledge, and a cultural approach to knowledge sharing.

Canada’s Clean50 Top Project Awards are amongst the awards announced annually by Delta Management Group and Canada’s Clean50 organization, to recognize the best sustainability-oriented projects completed in Canada over the prior two years. Projects are chosen based on a five“I”s criteria: Impactful, Innovative, Inspiring, Informative, and readily Imitated.

”Delta’s criteria in determining Project awards is to carefully consider a combination of actual measurable impact, demonstrated innovation, and the project’s ability to inspire others to imitate it – 3D Wave Design’s project is a terrific example” – Gavin Pitchford, CEO, Delta Management Group.